The Gotta Go Miro (GGM) organizing effort was created in March, 2021 in response to Burlington Mayor Weinberger’s pattern of taking racist actions and making racist decisions for the city. We documented over a dozen examples of this during just the last few years and demanded he resign before his 4th term.

The Mayor did not resign, but he did show reflection and that he was listening more during his state of the city speech the night he was sworn in. In that speech, we heard the Mayor say some things we agree with. However, we have seen him say the right thing and do the wrong thing before. We hope this time is different.

Our GGM group has continued to meet bi-monthly since April to strategize about what is next for our group.

First, know that we are keeping resignation on the table. Your signatures for this petition will remain as a critical tool for the accountability of Miro. We will keep the petition live, so others can sign as well for the foreseeable future.

Second, we know that even if Miro resigned, the critical work of dismantling racist systems in Burlington would remain. Acting against racism in our city is at the core of our purpose. This is not just about the Mayor, this is about how we move forward as a city together.

Thus, in the coming months, our group will focus on:

1. Holding the Mayor accountable for the words he spoke that night in April and ask that he put that all in writing and to an actionable 2021 timeline.

2. Watch dogging the Mayor, on his decisions and actions for the city. Specifically by:

  • Calling the Mayor in, to continue to educate him when he makes an unintentionally racist statement, decision, or act.

  • Calling the Mayor out on what he gets blatantly wrong or takes too long to address. For us, this is where resignation remains firmly on the table.

  • And recognizing when the Mayor gets it right on race. We believe the Mayor is not only capable of growth in this area, but that he wants to do better. His success in doing the right thing benefits all of Burlington and is critical to our city’s success in dismantling racism.

With this new strategy, we have also decided to change our name, slightly to “Get Going Miro!” The new name better fits how we will hold to Mayor to action.

Finally, as a largely white group of organizers, we have a unique opportunity to work in concert with BIPOC groups and city leaders to actively dismantle the racist systems that are enmeshed in the city. This work will be what guides and informs all of what we do with watchdogging the Mayor. We are frequently connecting with and seeking to collaborate with BIPOC led organizing efforts in Burlington and invite any groups to seek us out to help in anti-racist work.

All are welcome to join our group at an organizing meeting.

We meet roughly every two weeks. To be invited to our next meeting email us at